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WORTH Partnership Project

MOKO furniture collection

The project’s aim is to encourage people to slow down in a natural home environment. We employ the design methodology "less is more" by reducing upholstery and using coconut fibers to show the beauty of raw material, with a focus on circular economy.

MOKO furniture collection

The message of the project

The MOKO project aims to convey the message of advocating for a lifestyle characterized by slow living and heightened environmental consciousness. The primary objective is to explore alternatives to PU foam in the furniture industry.

The idea behind the project

The project's core innovation lies in celebrating the inherent beauty of natural materials without the use of conventional upholstery. Central to the design is wood, complemented by coconut fiber seating surfaces, emphasizing the purity of these raw materials. Furthermore, the project is dedicated to preserving the traditional craftsmanship of local artisans by creating enduring pieces that can be passed down through generations.

What next?

Looking ahead, the designer's goal is to reshape people's perception of seating objects and rejuvenate the furniture industry with a stronger focus on sustainability. The intention is to showcase the project through exhibitions, presenting the concept as interactive installations that allow individuals to engage physically with the materials, deepening their understanding of the project's core principles.

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