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WORTH Partnership Project


Mycho is an innovative bioplastic and bio-adhesive made by mold organisms. The material will be extracted and characterized at Utrecht University in collaboration with Professor Han Wösten.


The message of the project

The project conveys the message that it aims to create an innovative bioplastic and bio-adhesive named Mycho, extracted from molds. This material will be cultivated in collaboration with bio-material scientist Han Wösten at Utrecht University.

The idea behind the project

The concept revolves around addressing the environmental concerns related to the use of formaldehyde resin in plywood and particleboard furniture, highlighting its carcinogenic emissions. The so-called "sustainable" alternative, soybean-based glue, also poses sustainability challenges. In contrast, producing a bio-adhesive from molds requires minimal resources and can thrive in various environmental conditions, making it a promising choice. The project envisions the establishment of dedicated vertical greenhouses for production.

What next?

The next steps involve researching the potential of molds to create a high-quality biopolymer and pioneering the use of mold-extracted products in the realm of design. While biodesign objects have traditionally been crafted from various materials, including algae, fungi, plants, hair, blood, and resin, mold organisms have never been explored for bioplastic production. The project's ultimate goal is to develop a new bio-adhesive material that replaces formaldehyde and soybean-based glue, with a vision of creating a furniture line using mold biopolymers blended with recycled wood particles.

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