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WORTH Partnership Project


100% sustainable cartridges for personal care products.


The message of the project

Nada is a new packaging concept that offers beautiful, display-worthy, refillable cartridges for the cosmetic and personal care industry. Eco-friendly, safe, and beautiful products for everyday use. 


The idea behind the project 

The project's birth  was created after many years of creating consumer items in the throwaway, single-use FMCG industry. The company's first product is a refillable deodorant.

The creative process is divided into three stages. They must first create a refillable cartridge made of the most sustainable material, cork; then they must formulate the correct type of deodorant - one that will not adversely react with the cork over time and is the most natural and healthy product for consumers and the planet; and finally, they must find a way to deliver this product to consumers in the most sustainable way using the least amount of outer packaging and CO2 emissions.

Partners will collaborate to guarantee that this brand, Nada, actually lives up to its name and that 'nothing' is left to damage people or the environment wherever and wherever feasible.


What next?

The first product, a natural, refillable deodorant, will be available next year. This will be followed by a selection of shampoos and conditioners that will all use the same Nada refillable cartridge. They would also like to look at entering the domestic cleaning sector with a similar concept.




Laura Meehan

United Kingdom

Eugenio Carvalho