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WORTH Partnership Project

NATURAL MODE / zero waste fashion

NATURAL MODE / zero waste fashion

The message of the project

The Natural Mode fashion project offers a sophisticated design that adheres to all the criteria for maintaining sustainable fashion while conveying a positive social message. The collection embodies the natural essence of contemporary women, achieved through the careful selection of natural or deadstock materials and unique cuts.

The idea behind the project

For designer and lecturer Maria Stranekova, spreading awareness about zero-waste production, sustainability, and promoting a positive social message is of utmost importance. She accomplishes this by attaching a "Life Care Instruction" tag to every garment, providing guidance to the wearers for a better quality of life and well-being.

What's next?

The project aims to become a leading concept in the contemporary slow fashion movement by utilizing local sources and promoting the ideals of sustainability, tradition, and naturalness. Objectives include expanding the portfolio of zero-waste cuts and refining their production processes to be as efficient and sustainable as possible, in harmony with nature. Additionally, the project seeks to build a strong community of women who value not only high-quality, chic, and sustainable clothing but also the quality of life.

Projects Edition
  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
Project Call
  • 2nd Call Projects
Project Sector
  • Textile - Fashion
Project Challenge
  • Circular Economy



Mária Štraneková


SchnittBOGEN studio


Arts Management