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WORTH Partnership Project


A fashion brand based in Portugal that creates high-quality garments that are aligned with a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

Mindful Consumer Club (Näz)

The message of the project

The mindful consumer Club is an app where European consumers can repair, resell and recycle their Näz garments while being rewarded for their sustainable actions.

The idea behind the project

The objective is to reduce our environmental impact not only by creating the means for our garments to be worn more times but also by developing circular products using the result of the recycling of our garments to create new products.

What next?

The project is developing a pilot collection with recyclability in mind, featuring a product passport scannable via the app. In line with the EPR legislation effective by 2025, the MCC serves as a post-consumer textile waste recycling framework across Europe. The goal is to eventually offer this solution to small-scale sustainable fashion brands. The mobile app will be collaboratively developed with Knubisoft, a Ukraine-based software development company. A GRS-certified factory in Portugal, already experienced with pre-consumer waste, will create the sorting and recycling center. Additionally, the project will partner with Fashion Revolution Europe and its network of local seamstresses for repair services and garment collection points for recycling.

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