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WORTH Partnership Project


PACKIOLI is a water-resistant and biodegradable packaging material that tackles the problem of plastic packaging and agricultural waste.


The message of the project

Plastic packaging and agricultural waste pose significant global environmental challenges. The cosmetics industry, our primary target market, generates over 120 billion units of packaging annually, with plastic packaging constituting 60% of this output. Additionally, the improper disposal or incineration of agricultural waste contributes substantially to carbon emissions.

PACKIOLI represents an innovative solution for transforming agricultural waste into a valuable resource. Its biodegradable and water-resistant packaging material fosters environmental-industry synergy. Beyond environmental harmony, PACKIOLI adheres to the principles of a circular economy, empowering farmers to extract value from their agricultural waste.

The broader objective is to phase out plastic packaging while meeting industry standards for hygiene and performance. Its compatibility with plastic film packaging production methods positions it for adoption by both packaging manufacturers and brands.

The idea behind the project

The inception of PACKIOLI dates back to 2021 when material designer Alara Ertenü was introduced to biomaterials during her third year of university. Regular visits to local bazaars inspired her to explore the utilization of agricultural waste in creating biomaterials.

The initial prototypes, crafted from artichoke leaves and pea pods, emerged in 2022. Following PACKIOLI's exhibition at Dutch Design Week '22 and the subsequent coverage in prominent design publications, the project gained recognition within the biomaterials and design sectors.

In 2023, a strategic partnership was forged with Studio Nima, aimed at commercializing the bio-packaging innovation of PACKIOLI and expediting the development process.

What next?

Following successful laboratory prototypes of PACKIOLI, the project aims to transition to industrial-scale production. This includes developing PACKIOLI in a scalable manner, exploring new waste sources to expand its range and meet production demands. The collaboration with Studio Nima will foster product innovation and establish a sustainable business model, leveraging their expertise in promoting social innovation through business implementation.

PACKIOLI seeks to enhance sustainability in production and consumption, with a primary focus on the circular economy. The excessive use of resources in product packaging and the resulting waste pose significant global challenges. By offering a biodegradable alternative, PACKIOLI aims to reduce waste and pollution. As a biodegradable material and product innovation, PACKIOLI will seamlessly integrate into the biological cycle of a circular economy at the end of its life cycle.

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Alara Ertenü (Alara Ertenü Studio)


Leonhard Nima (Studio Nima)