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WORTH Partnership Project

Pure Botany - Organic Wallcovering Collection

Purity Botany explores the human-nature connection using biodegradable materials, maintaining their unique character. The resulting products bridge past reuse practices with future environmental awareness.

Pure Botany - Organic Wallcovering Collection

The message of the project

Pure Botany is  a collection of Wallcovering products with the objectives of recovering the value of currently 'valueless' yet still sustainable natural waste in a functional, process-efficient and scalable way; creating high quality products as sustainable as possible at every stage of production; challenging current mass manufacture. The goal is to experiment with raw materials and show that sustainable surfaces are accessible and fit for everyday usage, which is a solid step toward a cleaner and greener society. Following the philosophy of circular economy the chosen materials will be regionally accessible natural materials.

Produced wallcover products will hopefully become a thread connecting current reuse and future awareness. The project has high innovation potential as the Organoid technology is the only existing technology in the world to preserve the tactile and scent of each kind of natural fiber, and ready to build up a project from the idea phase to a successful market launch. As well knowing the target group and the effective way to build up a scalable structure with an international focus. 

New designs enhance the value of the existing wallpapers, both aesthetically and functionally, while also forging a sentimental bond between consumers and products. 

The idea behind the project

Following their extensive material research, the project aims to enhance the innovative process of plant pressing and surface creation using Organoid Technologies. Given the unique outcomes of production and sample testing with each natural material, the project intends to integrate these materials into various backing materials to identify the most innovative and adaptable product prototype aligning with market standards. The project's primary focus is on selecting suitable raw materials, particularly those requiring repurposing and recycling.

What next?

The future goal of the project is to initiate a long-term collaboration with Organoid Surfaces, forging a mutually advantageous path for the creation and design of diverse projects. Within this partnership, the project seeks to introduce a unique line of specialized wallpaper, with the overarching aim of unveiling the beauty and richness of all concealed plant components through the first accessible collection of high-end sustainable wallpapers.

Scalability stands as a crucial milestone that the project has taken into account to ensure the long-term sustainability of this initiative. Ideally, the project envisions the ability to penetrate various markets and engage with audiences more inclined to invest in sustainable wallpaper products.

Projects Edition
  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
Project Call
  • 2nd Call Projects
Project Sector
  • Furniture - Home Decoration
Project Challenge
  • Circular Economy



Organoid Technology GmBH

Tirol, Austria

Csenge Györbiro

Budapest, Hungary