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WORTH Partnership Project

Pure Hyphae

Headpieces made from regenerative mycelium leather materials.

Pure Hyphae

The message of the project

Pure Hyphae is a non animal textile/leather-like material that is bio-fabricated using poorly-recycled textile waste as a feedstock and uses a low energy process with only natural products for pre and post processing. This material, along with pure mycelium leather, is going to be showcased through a series of headwear on the theme of the four seasons.

The idea behind the project

The project addresses the growing issue of textile waste resulting from overconsumption and inadequate fiber recycling, particularly with blends. While fungi have been studied for their waste-degrading abilities, including plastics, their potential in recycling textile waste into new materials remains unexplored. Pure Hyphae represents this exploration.

What next?

Moving forward, the project seeks to emphasize fungi's remarkable potential and enhance consumer understanding of this natural system. Transparency is a key goal, providing consumers with insights into the material's lifecycle and proper care. This includes revealing the growth and behaviors of the organisms through designs and captured footage, fostering awareness and appreciation for the journey behind the products.

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Jessica Kate Dias

United Kingdom

Annah-Ololade Sangosanya