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WORTH Partnership Project

Pure Hyphae

Accessories made from mycelium based materials.

Pure Hyphae

The message of the project

Pure Hyphae is a project that explores the biofabrication of non animal leather-like material using mycelium, the root-structure of the mushroom, and natural fibers. They have developed new techniques that take into consideration the organism’s natural behaviors and properties, which enables us to create 3 dimensional forms during the growth process. The project is showcased through a range of accessories, illustrating the potential of the material for fashion and textile applications.

The idea behind the project

The aim of this project was to explore innovative ways of growing mycelium-based textiles using low-energy processes that require only natural products for pre- and post-processing. Considering that the material is relatively new, its uniqueness was embraced by showing the growth process of the organism rather than imitating skin, thus focusing on its natural aesthetics.

What next?

As a brand, the project wants to showcase fungi's powerful potential and help consumers understand this natural system. It wants to be fully transparent so the consumers are aware of the life cycle of the material and how to care for it. This would be done by revealing the organism's growth and behaviors through designs and the footage captured along the journey.

Projects Edition
  • WORTH Partnership Projects II
Project Call
  • 2nd Call Projects
Project Sector
  • Furniture - Home Decoration
Project Challenge
  • High-performance materials



Jessica Kate Dias

United Kingdom

Annah-Ololade Sangosanya