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WORTH Partnership Project

Sewist’s Appetite

Sewist’s Appetite is a concept for a product designed to support individuals who sew their own garments. Its mission is to share knowledge, inspire creativity, and foster inclusivity.

Sewist’s Appetite

The message of the project

The project plans to create garment patterns for contemporary wardrobe staples. 

Digital patterns will be supported with carefully created manuals and videos, providing a step-by-step guide to teach luxury, current and traditional craftmanship techniques for garment finishing and execution. Additionally, manuals will guide individuals to make essential fit adjustments according to their needs, a crucial bonus that usually doesn’t exist in a similar product. The aim is to promote inclusivity and diversity in our bodies.

The idea behind the project

The DIY phenomenon started in the 19th century, but the interest in home sewing has blossomed in the past years, especially during the recent pandemic. The trend sparked the innovative idea of offering a product that will underpin makers’ know-how and push their creativity and product execution to a new level.

Not only is sharing knowledge an added value to garment patterns. It also touches on the idea of preserving the knowledge of handmade garment craftsmanship, which is slowly dying due to the fast mass production of garments.

What next?

Sewist’s Appetite seeks to develop a product that champions a more sustainable lifestyle. By advocating for the creation of garments through home sewing, the project aims to take incremental steps towards reducing the mass production of fast fashion. Its mission is to disseminate knowledge, impart craftsmanship techniques for hand-sewing, and inspire individuals to unleash their creativity while crafting a luxurious, personalized garment.

The project's objective extends beyond the initial garment, with the goal of sharing knowledge that can be applied in the future to foster sustainability.

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