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WORTH Partnership Project

Spherical Human

A piece of art in its own right, set on a garment that serves as a presentation

Spherical Human

The message of the project

The platonic idea that humans were once spherical beings with two heads, arms, and legs inspired the "Spherical Human" philosophy and tessellated design. When they grew too powerful, the gods divided them. Humans must discover their missing other half in order to be complete.

Spherical Human

The idea behind the project

The motivating element of SANNA PATRICK is environmental and social responsibility. Tansy Hargan is an artist who enjoys materiality and thrift. Over the years, they have relished exploiting these overlaps from afar, sharing studio waste and paintings by post and ideas via phone.

For several years, SANNA PATRICK and Tansy Hargan have discussed collaborating on a project. The "Spherical Human” project was born after several phone calls, texts, and shipments.

Garment manufacturing creates fabric waste. Tansy Hargan receives material offcuts from SANNA PATRICK in this project. They are employed in her artistic process to create “Spherical Human” appliques, which are then returned to SANNA PATRICK to be fastened on clothing.

Spherical Human

What next? 

The project's goal is for its consumers to adopt the philosophy of the "Spherical Human," which will encourage compassion and acceptance after being drawn in by method and beauty. They wish to motivate individuals to work for a more tolerant and socially sustainable society: a world in which everyone is treated with dignity, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or physique. A world in which people may construct a future in harmony with nature and the resources of their planet.

The 'Spherical Human' is a piece of art in and of itself, set on a garment that serves as a presentation. Every Spherical Human-carrying clothing produces a unique and moveable living habitat wherever it is worn. The wearer of  “Spherical Human” clothing will successfully alter whatever place they enter. The 'Spherical Human' will adorn whatever room it inhabits, and its clothing, texture, and design will revive, revitalise, and captivate those who come into contact with it.

The manufacturing method is built on the circular economy, namely product life and waste minimization. The clothing is made using dead-stock material that would otherwise end up in a landfill if left unused. All cut fabric remnants are collected and used to produce textile artwork. The goods are designed to be heirloom quality.

The "Spherical Human" philosophy is inclusive and varied, asserting that they are all attractive. It encourages people to consider issues like sexuality, gender, compassion, and acceptance. It explains why people have various sexual preferences, why they fall in love, and why they need proximity. It gives the theatre the ability to comprehend who and what they are. If individuals utilise this idea as a lens through which to observe the world, it will assist in building a world in which everyone is treated with dignity.

Spherical Human





Tansy Hargan