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WORTH Partnership Project

Spherical Human

A piece of art in its own right, set on a garment that serves as a presentation

Spherical Human

Spherical Human is a creative collaboration between SANNA PATRICK and Tansy Hargan in which textile art and garments are combined as a symbol of mutual love. Based on the philosophy of Plato, which aims to engender compassion, the collaboration has developed through conversation and reciprocal use of textiles.

Garment production generates left-over fabric waste. In this project, material offcuts are shipped by SANNA PATRICK to Tansy Hargan. They are used in her art process to make Spherical Human appliqués, which are returned to be affixed to garments by SANNA PATRICK. The result is wearable art derived from a circular process. This is not traditional wearable art where garment shape and material are seen as art. Nor does it utilise copies of art. It is about placing unique art on garments.

Spherical Human

The Spherical Human philosophy and tessellated design arose from the Platonic idea that humans were once spherical beings with two heads, four arms and four legs. When they became too powerful, the gods split them in two. To become whole, humans need to find their lost other half. A Constantin Brancusi sculpture, the Kiss (depicting the momentary fusion of two lovers) also inspired the design. This circular project seeks to inspire tolerance and sustainability for world in which everyone is treated with respect.

Spherical Human
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Tansy Hargan