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WORTH Partnership Project



The message of the project

Sunflexion is a pioneering project with a mission to combat the global health issue of vitamin D deficiency, affecting 80% of the world's population. Our innovation integrates sunlight trapping rhinestone crystals into clothing, enabling natural vitamin D synthesis on the skin. 

The idea behind the project

Conventional clothing blocks 99,9% of sunlight. Recognizing the widespread vitamin D deficiency, we embarked on a creative journey to create a solution that seamlessly blends style and functionality. Our concept development involved extensive research and collaboration, culminating in the integration of rhinestone crystals into clothing to harness sunlight for vitamin D synthesis and a mobile application providing personalized feedback on vitamin D synthesis. This revolutionary idea fuses fashion, health, and sustainability, redefining how we perceive clothing. 

What next?

Looking ahead, Sunflexion aims providing fashion labels with a ready-to-use technology to enhance their clothes and offering consumers the benefits of natural vitamin D synthesis. With our mobile app we intend helping users safely through the daily optimal sun exposure, maximizing natural vitamin D production and enhancing well-being. Goals include growing our patent portfolio, investing in app development and reducing manufacturing costs through automation.

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High-performance materials



Sunflexion B.V.


Serenella Spinacè - Fashion Design Studio


Un-real studio

Firenze, Italy