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WORTH Partnership Project


Exclusive custom-made leather products and accessories


The message of the project

TRENDIASA believes in promoting a holistic approach to more sustainable fashion alternatives. Their objective is to empower the next generation of sustainable leather accessory goods designers and makers by providing training workshops to up-skill them. Secondly, they provide TRENDiPEOPLE’s fashion digital marketing software and technology that enables fashion makers to instantly commercialise their skills and products.


The Idea behind the project 

The TRENDiASA partnership is addressing a very unique gap in the market by offering a bespoke and personalised service to clients looking for unique, exclusive custom-made leather products and accessories that they cannot find on the market. The products are made using a unique handmade technique that is very rare and is almost becoming obsolete in Portugal. Their objective is to empower the next generation of sustainable leather accessory goods designers and makers.

The project was born out of the partners' desire to promote more sustainable fashion products and services to consumers, reducing the negative impact of fast fashion. The collaboration will happen by providing fashion makers with training, skill sets, and access to TRENDiPEOPLE’s fashion digital marketing software and technology. Therefore, they help fashion makers to commercialise their skills in the international marketplace, while also increasing accessibility to sustainable leather products for consumers. This will ultimately boost the entire fashion industry.


What next? 

The project aims to accomplish two key objectives. Firstly, to design and make a unique bag that celebrates Portuguese culture and architecture. Secondly, to launch the mobile app version of the TRENDiPEOPLE platform.

Aesthetics and beauty in users' everyday lives - custom-made/made to order leather bags and accessories are more beautiful in the client's eyes since they are manufactured to their exact specifications and design. Custom-made fashion items, particularly leather products manufactured from sustainable resources, last longer.

Sustainability - TRENDiASA uses upcycled leather from surplus stock of Portuguese luxury tanneries, which helps preserve the local and circular economy.

Inclusion (in terms of accessibility) - through training in leather making skills, they aim to empower young people from disadvantaged and deprived communities to gain new skills in leather manufacturing. They will also supply fashion digital marketing software technologies that can be accessed from any internet-connected mobile device.

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