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WORTH Partnership Project

UMA - tableware for elderly that boost appetite

UMA - tableware for elderly that boost appetite

The message of the project

Uma tableware can facilitate not only healthy eating but also turning the duty of eating into an interesting experience. According to research, the variability of forms, textures and colors, larger plates than the recommended capacity can boost our appetite and encourage the consumption of more food. Additionally, the use of appropriate visual stimulation enhances the taste of the dish, e.g. a pink, shiny plate with a smooth, streamlined form can make a low sugar dessert seem sweeter. 

The idea behind the project

The focus is on addressing the limitations of existing products in the market, which often consist of low-quality plastic items with limited aesthetic appeal. Extensive interviews with the elderly population have revealed that these conventional tableware options are often seen as stigmatizing and do not align with their aesthetic preferences. Instead, many elderly individuals prefer using porcelain and ceramics for their tableware needs.

The project's goal is to develop a comprehensive table set, encompassing both drinking and eating utensils, that effectively caters to the physical and aesthetic requirements of the elderly population.

What next?

The vision is for restaurants to incorporate elegant ceramic tableware that is not only functional but also visually appealing, making it suitable for use by both elderly and disabled individuals. The overarching aim is to ensure that the appearance of the tableware does not stigmatize anyone and that it can be used by people of all abilities.

The project's aspiration is to serve as an inspiration for the presentation of meals that align with the dietary needs of older individuals, promoting an attractive dining experience. Furthermore, a portion of the proceeds from sales will be allocated to providing beautiful and practical tableware to nursing homes at no cost, enhancing the dining experience for residents.

Another key objective is to transform the act of eating into an engaging and enjoyable experience for the elderly.

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Paweł Lasota - Laso Studio


Żanetta Korsak - Hak Studio


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