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WORTH Partnership Project



The message of the project

As landscape architects and material developers, their mission is to foster a more conscious and interactive relationship between people and natural resources within the built environment. Guided by their philosophy, their goal is not only to highlight the urban significance of plants but also to emphasize their capacity to convey stories and cultural values that are shared among us. Recognizing and safeguarding these heritages represents a vital cultural aspect of humanity.

Their objective is to showcase cultural heritages, with the aim of raising awareness about the intricate connection between humans and nature, and to educate individuals on the importance of preserving the surrounding environment. The present project concentrates on Slovenia's national symbol, the Linden tree. The end result will be a collection of design objects crafted from Viaplant material innovation, which utilizes Linden tree leaves as its primary raw material.

The idea behind the project

The Viaplant brand was established by Lépték-Terv, a landscape architecture studio in Hungary. Its inception marked the evolution of an artistic expression born from over two decades of experience in landscaping and working with plants. Through in-house research and development, Viaplant is dedicated to crafting innovative, plant-based materials that harmonize nature and science, providing a range of solutions.

These materials find application in the architecture and design industry, offering unique aesthetic values derived from real plant components. At its core, the Viaplant brand is underpinned by its storytelling philosophy. The fusion of form and function is enriched by narratives rooted in the plants' places of origin and the memories they evoke.

What next?

Their goal is to expand their conceptual framework to encompass various cultural heritages within the EU. This broader scope may encompass well-known trees and parks, such as the Tree of Europe initiative, or local cultural symbols like the Linden tree in Slovenia. The heritage concept can also be applied to sports club memorabilia, using greenery from football pitches to create design objects, among other commercial opportunities to further advance the project.

Viaplant's project aligns with the New Bauhaus initiative by utilizing natural materials that imbue a sense of beauty and tranquility, carrying a profound emotional impact. These materials not only preserve our shared cultural memories but also serve as a bridge that connects members of society.

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