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WORTH Partnership Project

WalkingStick furniture

The WalkingStick Lamp: provides light to personal spaces

Walkingstick furniture

The message of the project

Your furniture, your nature.

Walkingstick furniture
Walkingstick furniture

The idea behind the project

When globally renowned Slovene visual artist Tobias Putrih found Italian industrial designer Enzo Mari's 1968 project Autoprogettazione, the concept for a customised and customizable furniture brand, WalkingStick, was born.

Their objective is to provide an online platform that allows each client to experience the delight of creating something totally personal - and then use it!

The collection of utilitarian tables, chairs, and bookshelves might be reconfigured to create new and startling sculptural creations.

For obvious reasons, the lamp was chosen as the first piece of such customised furniture to offer light not only to this project but also to the most personal rooms of one's life: bedroom, study, children's room, living room, etc.

The WalkingStick Lamp is the result of a partnership between an artist, a designer, a fabricator, a UX-architect, a marketing professional, and the most essential person of all: the user. The lyrical originality, dramatic appearance, and mundane function of this co-created light are defined by the user.

Walkingstick furniture

What next?

The online platform will not only allow for product personalization and worldwide commercialisation, but it will also serve as a repository for all created pieces of furniture - for inspiration, comparison, and benchmarking.

Customisable furniture WalkingStick takes inspiration and materials from nature in order to give back more: not just by reusing the elements in the initial set-up and recycling the ingredients once their life cycle is complete - but also by beautifying the living environment.

Walkingstick furniture