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WORTH Partnership Project

Z.W.A.F.M. Zero Waste Automated Fashion Manufacturing

Industrially produced clothing that generates no waste

Zero Waste Automated Fashion Manufacturing

The message of the project

This project offers hardware and software technology for automated zero-waste cutting, which is not simply a productive technique but a mission aiming to bring zero-waste modelling to another level, giving the possibility to industrially produce clothing without generating waste.

The idea behind the project 

ZEROBARRACENTO's competence is in zero-waste pattern creation and responsible sourcing, and it will serve as the project's guide, establishing the objectives, organising and monitoring the activities, and verifying the outcomes by implementing the established system in its supply chain. Furthermore, they will identify target brands to whom they will propose the Z.W.A.F.M. and develop a commercial presentation to demonstrate the best case scenario for using this technique.

Zanecom is a young Turkish firm with individuals with over 40 years of experience in the clothing machinery industry. They don't simply produce equipment; they also create unique solutions and products to provide clients with a technological and functional boost in their business. They will bring their expertise to this project in the following areas: numerical control machines for cutting fabrics, spreading machines; CAD for clothing: drawing and planning, size development, automatic nesting, RFID technology for cutting room and production process management, image database management software for quality control, and professional product archiving. Technical support as well as competent and skilled consulting to design and select the finest solutions for our common goals.

Zero Waste Automated Fashion Manufacturing

This endeavour will undoubtedly have a significant influence on both sides' reputations. Furthermore, given the fashion industry's difficult time, it is unquestionably the right time to devote time to research and development, preparing for the moment when normalcy returns and being ready to differentiate the offer with a solution that focuses on new generation values that are fundamental for today's consumers.

According to the MC KINSEY - THE STATE OF FASHION 2020 CORONAVIRUS UPDATE, the epidemic is sharpening ideals surrounding sustainability, deepening conversations, and further polarising opinions on consumerism, overproduction, and unethical production/business methods.

Zero Waste Automated Fashion Manufacturing

What next?

The ultimate business goal is to not only scale up ZEROBARRACENTO's production using this system, but also to market it to brands searching for new sustainable ways to include it in their everyday operations.

They will construct the system with WORTH's support, and in the meantime, they will seek further money to: 

  1. They will construct the system with WORTH's support, and in the meantime, they will seek further money to: 
  2. Patent the process
  3. Put together a commercial team to offer the technology to certain potential clients.
  4. Collaborate with a public relations firm to distribute this idea as much as possible, particularly through specialised international trade media in the textile and fashion sectors.
Zero Waste Automated Fashion Manufacturing
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