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WORTH Partnership Project

Riccardo Mangiaracina


PhD in Management Engineering, Riccardo Mangiaracina is Associate Professor at the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano, where he teaches “Management of Logistics and Production Systems”, “Logistics Management” and “Digital Business Innovation”. At Politecnico di Milano Riccardo is one of the founders of the B2c Logistics Center, Head of scientific research of “Digital B2b” and “B2c eCommerce” Observatories, “Digital Export”, “EdTech” “Augmented Reality & Metvaerse” Observatories. He is author of more than 50 papers published on international journals and conference proceedings, mainly about Logistics, Supply Chain Management, B2c and B2b eCommerce.

The workshop: “B2C E-commerce: How to define an effective strategy to sell online”

The seminar will provide the attendees with:

- the definition of B2c eCommerce

- a picture of its diffusion in the most developed markets as well as in the main sectors

- the main critical success factor of a B2c eCommerce initiative, with a specific focus on the impact of volumes

- the main sources of value for a traditional company (manufacturers/retailers)

- the development of an online multi-channel strategy, with the features, functionalities and limits of the different alternatives considered

- the development of an omnichannel strategy, with the different paths that can be designed/adopted