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WORTH Partnership Project
Entrepreneur, Business Consultant and Co-founder of Prop Tech

Smaranda Ignat

WORTH Community


Smaranda Ignat is a multifaceted entrepreneur, esteemed trainer, and business consultant with a passion for innovation coaching and mentoring. Drawing on her diverse background in human resources, business administration, and real estate, Smaranda has honed the art of connecting people with opportunities, fostering valuable relationships with clients, investors, and international ecosystems for the startups and companies she collaborates with.

Amidst the rapid advancements in technology and digital transformation that impact our lives, Smaranda firmly believes in the intrinsic value of human touch, effective communication, and empathy. Her innate ability to thrive in challenging environments, where problems await solutions, crises demand survival, and obstacles need overcoming, sets her apart as a dynamic and resourceful professional.

With a keen eye for identifying opportunities and the expertise to steer through complex situations, Smaranda Ignat continues to leave a significant impact on the entrepreneurial landscape. Her dedication to helping others navigate the evolving business landscape and succeed in their endeavors underscores her role as an invaluable mentor and advisor to both traditional business organizations and innovative tech startups.