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Textiles Programme Lead, Circle Economy

Gwen Cunningham

Steering Board Member: Gwen Cunningham
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Textiles Programme Lead, Circle Economy

Gwen Cunningham studied fashion design in her hometown of Dublin, Ireland. She became fully aware of, and increasingly dissatisfied with, the linear nature of the garment industry in her work as designer. A desire to encourage change - and to develop new systems rather than new goods - led her to Amsterdam, Europe's self-proclaimed "circular hub." 

Gwen is also the Sustainability and Circularity Lead at Dublin's National College of Art and Design. She is currently in charge of a number of projects and programmes. One of her most recent and ongoing projects is the development and commercialisation of the Fibersort, a game-changing device that automatically sorts post-consumer textiles by fibre composition to produce consistent input for textile-to-textile recycling. She also helped to launch On Course, an educational circular training programme for apparel brands, as well as Switching Gear, another educational circular training course for fashion brands.