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WORTH Partnership Project
Design Lecturer and International Fashion Expert

Margaret Larmuth

SBM: Margaret Larmuth
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Margaret has an extensive background as a lecturer and in creating content with a long-standing record of initiative, innovation, and success. She has created courses for fashion students at the Business and Technology University of Chongqing, one of the top Universities in China with over 50,000 students. She is also a guest lecturer at the Fashion and design school in Cracow, Poland, where she lectures and creates courses. She recently helped develop a 3D fashion design course which will be implemented in 2023.

During her work experience over the last 20 years in art, fashion, colour design, and interior design, she has accumulated diverse industry experiences and knowledge which forms the basis of her lectures. She enjoys stimulating a love for learning, of which she is personally passionate about, which can bring innovative changes in education and design that benefits the future of our society. She has developed strategies and ideas that she believes will bring value and she is also particularly interested in nurturing creative people and creating an “incubator environment” for their development.