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Designer and Director at Wise Birds Network

Mo Tomaney

Mo Tomaney
WORTH Community
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Mo has been a designer for over 25 years and an expert in sustainable fashion. She has collaborated with several well-known international and luxury companies, as well as micro enterprises and artisanal producers, while also continuing to develop her own distinctive textile print based designs. She established Wise Birds Network to help the many small businesses included inside value chains to be sustainable in every meaning of the term. She frequently finds herself working with outstanding women company owners and producers in fashion, jewellery, and lifestyle.

She understands value chains and processes from the cotton field to the factory to the catwalk to the store. She is interested in the influence of the creation of the things we love. Mo enjoys matching skills and talent with markets. In addition to her work with Wise Birds Network, she consults on sector policy, teaches on entrepreneurship and sustainability in fashion, lifestyle, and jewellery.