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WORTH Partnership Project
News article21 September 2018European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read



Our team of WORTH Partnership Project Mentors is made up of an amazing group of industry professionals that are assisting current Partnerships and will continue to do so for future participants.

We therefore would like to present the next cluster of inspiring mentors:

Paul Celen: Business Consultant, Head Coach at Imec, Belgium
Paul has been active within the last 16 years as an entrepreneur with extensive business and management experience. He has a PhD in science from the state university of Ghent, an MBA from the University of Antwerp, as well as several precarious degrees from global institutions. His current work focuses on consulting independent businesses in Austria, coaching other entrepreneurs, start-ups and scale ups by helping them find their growth potential. His work experience and talents are broad, dealing with a variety of issues which you can discover through his profile here

Thomas Gnahm: Creative Specialist and Founder of Wear It Festival Berlin
Thomas is a creative specialist and has a design and tech background. He is the managing director of Wear It Berlin, the Berlin network, and agency for wearable electronics and everything connected. Wear It Berlin hosts the annual Wear it Festival that brings together the most creative minds, networks and companies surrounding the topic of fashion, design, and tech from all over the world. He is also the founder of several initiatives which are increasing the awareness and support for the wearable tech industry. Find out more about him through his WORTH profile here

Ubaldo Spina: Design Department Manager at CETMA, Research And Technology Organization
Ubaldo studied Industrial Design at Milan Polytechnic in 2004 and is now the design department manager at CETMA, Research and Technology Organisation, where he works as a researcher and industrial designer dealing with product development, design and innovation management processes. He also consults for many companies that range from SMEs to Large enterprises specialising in R&D projects and innovation services which is supporting the growth of new generation products in the industry. Find out more about his fascinating work on his profile here

Sophie Odic: Textile Designer and Freelance Consultant
Sophie is a textile designer and freelance consultant with an extensive educational background in design, at Chelsea College of Art and Design, Arts Décoratifs de Paris and at Institut Français de la Mode where she gained her eMBA in global fashion management. She now lives in Paris where she works at Studio O-di-C where she uses her expertise in craftsmanship, collections, marketing, design and product development, conferencing and training. She has also had experience with production and textile designing. Find out more about her interesting career through her profile here

Ricardo O’Nascimento: Founder of Popkalab
Ricardo has an MA in Interactive systems for human computer interaction Interface Culture Department at University of Art and Design of Linz. He has also worked extensively within the field of innovative design and technology. He is the founder of POPKALAB which specialises in wearable technology and was part of our WORTH Pilot Project. He has had a wealth of experience within the field of wearables and smart materials in both research and development, as well as attending and giving lectures throughout Europe. Find out more about his work and what he can offer WORTH participants through his profile here.

For further information on WORTH Partnership Project members click here.


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21 September 2018
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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