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WORTH Partnership Project

Meltdown Jewellery Collection

A unique jewellery collection that can be worn for any occasion and instantly enhances any look

Meltdown Jewellery Collection

The message of the project

The sculptural and organic shapes of artists such as Constantin Brancusi, Pere Gifre, Based Upon Studio, Ken Kelleher, and Rado Kirov influenced the collection. This is the inspiration for the development of a modern jewellery line that can be worn for any occasion and quickly boost any outfit.

The collection also pays homage to the designer's Ukrainian ancestors, since she has a strong affinity for Ukrainian culture. As a result of this endeavour, the company hopes to help Ukrainian jewellery artisans and encourage the continuation of traditional manufacture.

Meltdown Jewellery Collection

The idea behind the project 

The 'Meltdown Jewellery Collection' was inspired by the desire to create a collection of modern jewellery pieces that investigate the boundaries between technology, crafts, and the human body. The collection, inspired by human curves and flowing contours, aspires to carry tradition forward into the future by integrating new technology with ancient artisan skills.

To obtain organic contours, the designer 3D models the jewellery using 3D scans of real bodies. The fit and design of the 3D models are then tested in real life by iterating the design and assessing how it blends with the body's contours using 3D printing technology.

Golden Silver LTD trained artisans will construct the final designs using future-oriented manufacturing processes such as 3D printing and lost wax casting to achieve maximum precision and quality. The items will be manufactured of recycled sterling silver and will be plated with rhodium or gold vermeil. Each item is hand-polished to a brilliant lustre and laser etched with the business logo. So the jewellery is not only gorgeous, but it is also manufactured in a fair and ecological manner.

The brand's goal is to push traditional jewellery creation one step further by combining recycled silver and modern technology.

Meltdown Jewellery Collection

What next?

The 'Meltdown Jewellery Collection' will pave the way for more environmentally friendly manufacturing. By employing recycled silver, the idea is also to push the boundaries of traditional jewellery manufacture. Thus, while introducing the jewellery line, the intention is to sustain and develop the designs and manufacturing processes. This will assist in generating and maintaining a loyal consumer base that shares the brand's values.



Diana Luchin - Designer at Versitude


Golden Silver LTD - Jewellery manufacturer