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Founder and Designer of brand nat-2™

Sebastian Thies

Steering Board Member: Sebastian Thies
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Founder and Designer of brand nat-2™

Sebastian Thies, Founder, and Designer of high-end shoe company nat-2TM, is a 6th generation footwear specialist who has been in the business since 1856. Sebastian has also worked as a Creative Director for MCM, Wu-Tang Clan, Sony, Paramount, Activision, Ritter Sport, Atelier PMP, Hasbro, Gabor, HBC, and Studio100.

Sebastian has already received numerous international awards, including the Red Dot Design Award, German Brand Award, Innovation x Design Award, IspoBrandnew Award, was nominated twice for Germany's Designpreis, and was chosen by the Federal Republic of Germany as Kultur- x Kreativpilot. Sebastian's designs have been featured and added to design collections at internationally renowned exhibitions and museums such as the Grassimuseum Leipzig, Red Dot Museums Essen x Singapore, Kunsthaus Vienna, MKG Hamburg, Shoetopia Detroit, Cube Designmuseum NL, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Stiftung Bremen, VirtualShoemuseum, and Deutsches Museum.

nat-2TM is a pioneer in innovative, recycled, and sustainable high-end footwear and accessories made from truly one-of-a-kind materials such as real stone, wood, milk, fish leather, coffee grounds, hayfield, tinder sponge, corn, cork, glass, woven aluminium, colour-changing uppers, olive leather, and many more.