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Founder and Designer of brand nat-2™

Sebastian Thies

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Founder and Designer of brand nat-2™

Sebastian Thies, a 6th generation footwear professional since 1856, is the founder and designer of high-end sneaker brand nat-2™. Sebastian is also a creative director at various other projects and has worked with companies such as MCM, Wu-Tang, Sony, Paramount, Activision, Ritter Sport, Atelier PMP, Hasbro, Gabor, HBC, and Studio 100.

Sebastian has already won several international awards, such as the Red Dot Design Award, the German Brand Award, the Innovation x Design Award, and the IspoBrandnew Award. He was also nominated twice for Germany’s Designpreis and appointed as Kultur- x Kreativpiloten by the Federal Republic of Germany.

Sebastian’s designs have been showcased and included in design collections in internationally re-known exhibitions and museums such as the Grassi Museum Leipzig, Red Dot Museums Essen x Singapore, Kunsthaus Vienna, MKG Hamburg, Shoetopia Detroit, Cube Design Museum NL, Wilhelm Wagenfeld Stiftung Bremen, Virtual Shoe Museum, and Deutsches Museum.

nat-2™ is a pioneer in innovative, recycled, and sustainable high-end footwear and accessories using truly unique materials such as real stone, wood, milk, fish leather, coffee grounds, hayfields, tinder sponge, corn, cork, glass, woven aluminum, colour-changing uppers, olive-leather and many more.