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WORTH Partnership Project
News article23 December 2020European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency2 min read



The world is changing very fast, especially in the last years and – even more – in the last months, that marked the emergence of the Covid-19. The Nations have to face incredibly wide-ranging problems like for example the climate change, the exploitation of ecosystems which risks exhausting the available resources, and the increasingly important need to find new forms and models of social inclusion in a multicultural world.

How can creatives help with that? The new generation of European designers have a green and inclusive vocation that goes beyond regional borders and shares resources, combining and renewing them, to create value through new forms of interaction. It is this collaboration that we must look to in order to find new solutions to all the problems that are on the global agenda.

“The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has radically changed the way we work, use technology, and relate to others, bringing society’s attention back to the impact of man on nature more than ever before – underlines Korinna Mollá of Aitex, leader of the Consortium headed by WORTH Partnership Project. In the front line, young European designers are committed to questioning the pillars of society, to highlight the defects of our business models and production processes, to rethink the problem of the exploitation of ecosystems by experimenting with new materials, innovative production models and alternative solutions that are crying out for digitization, multifunctionality and collaboration in the name of sustainability and inclusion”.

We can find some good examples of how these problems can be addressed in WORTH 3rd call projects, that show how innovation can be applied in any field, creating never before seen products and also finding a solution for an actual problem.

For example, if we talk of the waste problem: Modifiable Vegan Bag Collection worked on a collection of bags made with bio/vegan leather created from apple waste, and Agogic designed garments that clean oceans and the earth from plastic wastes.

If we think of the possibility to recycle our accessories, and to think about sustainability: EnaOna created collection of shoes with modular jeweled heels and recyclable components, combined in a unique design, while Vivid worked on innovative curtains that change color with the passage of time to encourage a debate on sustainability and the relationship we have with our assets over time. 

Last but not least, if we think about social inclusion and collaboration: REFRAMD created a collection of glasses designed specifically for “Afropolitans.” and Wear design aims to develop a platform where designers and customers can co-create through new processes of collaboration


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23 December 2020
European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency
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